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FileMaker is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc., registered in the U.S.and other countries, and the file folder logo is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc.


  FileMaker 7 Developer system requirements


* Pentium 300MHz or higher
* 64MB of RAM for Windows 2000
* 128MB of RAM for Windows XP
* CD-ROM drive and hard disk drive
* Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4), Windows XP (Service Pack 1)*


* Apple G3 or higher (no G3 upgrade cards)
* 128MB of RAM
* CD-ROM drive and hard disk drive
* Mac OS X v10.2.8 or later**

All platforms

* Networking: TCP/IP (FileMaker Pro 7 can act as an host for up to five concurrent FileMaker Pro 7 users. See FileMaker Server 7 for increased capacity.)
* Instant Web Publishing: A host computer with continuous access to the Internet or intranet via TCP/IP (FileMaker Pro 7 can manage up to five concurrent Instant Web Publishing sessions. See FileMaker Server 7 Advanced for increased capacity.)
* Access to the Internet requires an Internet service provider, FileMaker does not provide an Internet account for you

* Limited to five concurrent web sessions

* Version stated is the minimal requirement. The software may also work with later versions certified by FileMaker.

** (For information on FileMaker 7 products acting as an ODBC/JDBC client and/or a data source on Mac OS X, read the FileMaker upgrade FAQ.)

Note: The Windows and Mac OS system requirements listed above are also valid for the runtime application. The runtime application does not support networking.


  The FileMaker family system requirements
FileMaker 7 Pro

Mobile 7

Server 7
Server 7 Advanced
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